Church History

Our History

Quioccasin Baptist Church has been served by nine dynamic, strong and influential pastors’ since its beginning. Following Reverend Royal Smith (the first pastor) were Rev. Warrenton Banks, Rev. O. C. Perkins, Dr. George Ambrose, Jr., Dr. Grady W. Powell, Rev. Murphy H. Peterson, Rev. Joe B. Fleming, and Rev. Dr. Andrew M. Mosley, Jr. The current pastor is Rev. Dr. Theodore T. Brown.


1866 Organized

1865  Our first pastor  Royal Smith Served served for 45 years A new choir lead in the singing. Much of the music was unaccompanied by any instrument.

1913 - 1926 Our second pastor Rev. Warren Banks purchased 441 feet of land .Today it is the church Cemetery Rev. Banks organized the first Missionary Circle.

1827  Rev. O.C. Perkins served as third  pastor. During his administration the church purchased additional  two acres of land and erected a little white one story church building

February 1951 The church building was destroyed by fire. Church services were held in Quiioccasin Elemantary School. Two ajoining classrooms were used for worship. During Rev. Perkins Administration, Rev. James Edward Johnson was set aside as the first Son of the Church. Rev. Johnson went on to pastor two churches, North Gayton and Saint James Baptist Churches.

1943-1955 Rev. George Ambrose became our fourth pastor and he held it's first Vacation Bible School. Rev. Arthur Woodson became the second Son of The Church. During this time our church became active with The Tuckahoe Baptist Association.

1956 -1960  Rev Grady W. Powell became the fifth pastor of our church. During his pastorate we partershiped with the Seminary at Va. Unhion University and we allowed students from the Seminary to serve and we accecpted them in our trainee program. Rev. Powell provided leadership with the organizing of the Junior ushers and the Junior choir. The second Sunday was set aside as yYouth Sunday. Mrs. Geogianna Mackens and Mr. Thomas Collins served as sponsors and trainors for the junior ushers. On the fifth Sundays the Sunday School Union would be held at various churches. This would be a time when the youth would display their talents and skills in the various ministries of the church. The second sunday was set aside as Youth Sunday. On the fifth Sundays we would participate in the Sunday School Union. These meetings were held a various member churches in the Tuckahoe Association.

1963-1969 Rev. Murphy Peterson served as our sixth pastor. Rev. Peterson developed a much needed financial record system. He served during the centennial celebration of our church. He provided leadership in presenting a Centennial Book with biographies, and other historical information and documentation of our church. The Centernial Book was  composed, which included  historical documentation about our church, The church colors of burgundy and white were adopted. They were the first family to occupy the church parsonage.

1969-1982  Rev. Joe Billy Fleming was our seventh pastor. Rev. Frank Lomax, Sr. served during this time. Rev. Fleming's initiated different ministries as Summer Day Camp, Family Night, The Men's Fellowship Breakfast, New Members Class, Young Adult Fellowship, Senior Citizens' Fellowship, and  Youth Ministry. Our first basketball team was organized. The Quioccasin Q's under the coaching of  Samuel A. Scott. They were winners and the throphies are here to bear wittness to their winning ways. They battled and won many games as they battled neighborhood churches. The Quioccasin Quest, our newspaper, was publishehed in the 1970's. Emily Morse was named the first female Deacon.

Mrs. Clara Talley served as our church clerk for over fifty years.

Additional property was purchased.. The church purchased the Overton property next to the parsonage. The land for the parsonage was donated by Deacon W.T. and  Mrs.  Lottie  Lewis.

During this time the church began a Student Ministry/Internship  Program, Some of the interns were:

Reverend William Norfleet, Robert Pettus, Jerome Lee and Gerome Free. Reverend Kenneth Jones led our Youth Ministry. The Quioccasin Family increased,  adding more sons and daughters. Rev. Clara Owens, Frances Watson, Roosevelt Harmon, David Frazier, Sr. and Dr. David Forbes Sr. proclaiming the gospel.

Rev. P. Frances Watkins served as Interm Pastor for approximately 3 years. She was very instrumental in maintaining the harmony and continued the pastorial duties for our church as we searched for a pastor to lead our congregation. She was officially named as Administrative Assistant  and Minister of Education by our new pastor.

November 28, 1982 Dr. Andrew M. Mosley Jr. was selected as our eigth pastor. Under his leadership

Quioccasin was blessed with spirit-filled worship services. Other areas of growth included ecumenical worship services, day and evenimg Bible study classes. There was training for both of the Deacons and the Deaconesses.. The Children's ministry was expanded to include Children's church, in addition to nursery services being available each Sunday

Under his administration, a handicaped ramp was installed. During his time the following persons accecpted the call to the ministry: Frank Lomax III, Samuel A. Scott, Fermer Taylor, DaTanya Wilder,  Brenda Brown, and Zenobia Scott. Student Interns  included, Samuel Starks, Sandy Ray Fields, Don German, James Williams, Samuel A. Scott, Detanya Wilder, James Victor, and Sunday Agbedare. Dr. Mosley also ordained Clara Owens, Henretta Anderson, Kenneth Brown, Larry Collins and James O. Jackson III. Upon the retirement of Dr. Mosley, Dr. Earl Bledso was appointed, by the congregation to serve as interim pastor.

Dr. Theodore Tyrone Brown, our ninth  pastor, gave his first sermon on the first Sunday, December 2017 and he was installed on the third Sunday of March 2018.

With his leadership we have adopted a Misson Statemernt:


Some of the accomplishments of the Brown Administration:

  • Implemented daily call to prayer at 6:00 AM (we are beginning our 6th year)
  • Implemented a call-in noon day prayer live streaming prayer-line
  • Purchased a new fully handicapped accessable church bus. This is available to transport members
  • Transportation for anyone needing a ride to and from church services/activities.
  • Remodeled the lower Fellowship Hall (below the sanctuary)
  • Implemented a partnership with The Starling International Learning Center, including before and after school program (It continues to be successful to this very day
  • Recently Henrico County awarded us with a plaque, identifying Quioccasin Baptist Church as a Historical landmark
  • Security system for the entire premises of both buildings
  • Significantly enhanced our media ministry (making it possible for us via TV monitor eliminating the necesity for hymnals and pew bibles (all pertinent information is displayed on the TV monitor/video screen
  • Installed a new state of the art Public Address System Under Pastor Brown's leadership a five year plan to pay off the mortgage deficit on the Andrew M. Mosley, Jr. Enrichment CenteThe mortgage was paid off and we burned the mortgage during Home Coming worship Services in 2022
  • The church bus was paid off in 2022 and we celebrated that blessing during Homecoming 2022
  • Reorganized the Childrens' Church. Under the leadership of Jabari Lucas, and Ms. Regina Hardy
  • Reorganized the Girl Scouts Troop #3146. The leaders are: First Lady Pamela Brown, Phylis Waters and Twanna Montague.
  • Six people were set aside as deacons: Oscar Talley, Mattie Headd, Renita Smith, Gregory Smith, Dexter, Rickey Smith.